I saw you at [...]. How on earth did you do that?

It really depends on the exact requirements of your event. Where possible I've tried to put the prices on my website, but for a lot of packages I can only give you an accurate quote when I know the exact details. Prices usually start from £75, but I will usually put together a quote for you ASAP to make sure you are completely happy with the service I can provide

How much do you charge?

This is dependant on the event. For everything except weddings payment can be made on the day, but for weddings I ask for the complete balance to be paid a minimum of 2 weeks before the day.

What happens next when I book you?

Do you require a deposit?

Yes I do. Deposits are either 50% of the total fee or £50, whichever is smaller. These are non refundable and can be paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque. Once paid then your booking is secured and confirmed.

Once your deposit is received and I have all the details of you and your event, I'll send you a booking confirmation. This also includes all the standard terms and conditions, once you're happy with that your booking will be confirmed. About a week before your event I will either call or email you to confirm the booking again and make sure everything is OK for your event. I'm always available for a chat or if you need to discuss your booking and will usually return calls that day if possible.

Yes I can!

Yes, I'm covered by Public Liability Insurance through equity, which covers all my events

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you saw a lady in half?

Very well thanks...

Below I've tried to answer as many of the questions I'm usually asked when booking me. If you have a question and I've not answered it here feel free to contact me where I'll be more than happy to help

Do you require complete payment before the day?

How do I become an entertainer/magician like you?

For adults, I'm always looking for new workshop assistants and performers - click here for more information

Children and beginners - I'd suggest if you have an interest in magic contacting your local magic society who will always help a new entertainer. Of course I offer workshops as well for those who are interested in learning circus skills)

Magic Dave

Do you have Insurance?