Magic Dave

One way for your event to really stand out in the crowd is to hire one of Magic Dave's giant characters. Standing at nearly 10 foot tall these characters are perfect to draw a crowd.

Perfect for fun days and events, these characters can be combined with balloon modelling to raise extra funds for your cause

Prices start at just £75. Currently there are three options available:


Magic Dave the Clown!

A new addition to this line up is "Dave". An unspeakable creature perfect for horror themed events.

A very popular choice at Halloween, there are a couple of variants of his mask/head that can be booked depending on the event requirements. "Dave" likes to act as a living statue, waiting until passers by get close enough to inspect him until he introduces himself. That or he enjoys introducing himself to unsuspecting passers by.

("Dave" of course is an unspeakable softy in real life, and believe it or not, usually attracts children who are usually less afraid than the adults!)

A classic clown character, this cheeky chappy keeps crowds entertained with lots of fun and silly hi-jinks.

Friendly and welcoming, a perfect addition to any fun day or charity event

Giant Characters

"Uncle Sam"

For those people who may be a bit afraid of clowns, this "Uncle Sam" character is perfect. Complete with top hat and star waistcoat, he is bound to attract people to your event.

Like the clown, this can be combined with balloon modelling which can be done by the character, amusing children as they try and reach their balloons!