The Wedding Breakfast

Weddings are already a magical event, but Magic Dave can offer you personalised magic for your special event. Dave will walk around and entertain your guests, breaking the ice between parties and entertaining during those breaks in your important day, making it as seemless as possible. Entertainment can be done during various points in the wedding, estimated prices and descriptions below:

Straight after the speeches, guests are often whisked away to a bar while the function room is prepared for the evening reception. Dave can perform magic to your guests while they wait

During the Speeches

The speeches are a fantastic part of your wedding day, where everyone is thanked, jokes are made and embarrassing stories are told about the groom. However this doesn't usually hold little ones attention so Magic Dave can take the children away and entertain them during this time with fun magic and balloons


Photos are always a busy time for the happy couple, being snapped at every opportunity by an excited photographer. But for a lot of guests they can be bored waiting for photos or until the next part of the wedding day. Dave can entertain these guests during this time, and help guide guests during this hectic time


The Complete Package

When the music starts and the evening reception gets underway, Dave can mingle with your guests, showing them mind blowing magic that will amaze your guests. Balloon models for the children are also included in this package


After wedding guests arrival

From the moment you leave the church, to the last drunken dance on the dancefloor, Magic Dave will be there to help make your wedding day go smoothly and magically. All of the above packages are included in this service as well as Dave being there to guide your guests, as well as the ability to act as an MC for the day, introducing you, welcoming guests and being a point of contact for any guests on your day who may need a bit of help!

Dave also works with other entertainment suppliers to provide services such as DJ's, treat makers etc and can provide you with contacts for most of your needs right up until the wedding day.


Whilst food is being served to your guests Dave can walk around with an intimate magic show performing to tables while they wait for food, or to break the ice between people on tables, making everyone laugh and smile in amazement.


Straight after the wedding service your guests will want to see you, and often its quite a wait for guests to see the happy couple. Dave can break the ice between guests and entertain people during that first hour after your wedding service.


After Speeches/Reception

Wedding Photos

Wedding Magic

Magic Dave