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Magic Dave is launching his next amazing project "Magical Mayhem!" for 2022. Building on the success of his previous shows Magic Dave is launching a brand new theatre show for 2022. Filled with amazing effects and a magical story this show is designed for families, especially children aged 4-11.

This show looks to use an innovative use of technology and new magic to tell a funny and engaging story to Primary School Children (4-11) with the express aim of encouraging children to start performing and creating their own shows - specifically giving them a tool to start performing – magic.

For me it was seeing a magician perform as a child that got me hooked on performing magic. I would hope that this show and these resources could inspire more children to try performing and to get involved with the performing arts and magic.

To do this, this show will not only be live, but will offer participants and the public a free online resource to learn their own magic tricks as well as tips and tricks for creating their own show. This will be done through the use of characters from the shows with rewards for people who partake in this second part of this project. This in turn would hopefully inspire children and guide them into performing, where they hopefully will find a love for performing like many artists and performers like myself have.

Want to see Dave in action?

Clip taken from a COVID secure promotional show October 2020

A clip from one of Magic Dave's lockdown videos

For another sample of Magic Dave's work - you can download one of Dave's Activity packs here - given away free during lockdown


Sophie - Age 8

I loved it! Charlie was so naughty! I really liked Magic Dave he was too silly!

Dan - Grown Up

My children absolutely loved it. Really funny, great puppets and good magic for all the family!  It's like a magical Justin's House!

Jack - Age 3

I liked Custard!


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