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Learn new skills

in a fun way!

Are you looking for something different to entertain your guests? Perhaps you are a business owner looking for ways to develop teamwork? Or maybe you are a parent who wants to give their child something different for their birthday?

Magic Dave offers a variety of workshops for different needs. As a magician, Dave has decades of experience teaching others how to perform magic, having designed stage shows and lessons for others, as well as consulting for various theatre productions and has used this experience to create magic workshops suited to various groups. These workshops can be done both in-person and online if you are working from home still!

For children, Dave has created a unique and entertaining magic workshop where your budding magicians can learn a variety of child-friendly magic tricks from a professional magician. As well as this each child receives their own pack of magic tricks for them to take home and impress their friends!

For grown-ups, Dave offers magic workshops that are designed to teach adults some fun new skills that they can use in everyday life with everyday materials. A fun way to do team bonding as well as a fun break from work these workshops are a great addition to any business or event.

Dave's magic workshops are designed to promote various physical and mental skills including hand/eye coordination dexterity, and psychology along with being a fun challenge for any budding magician.

If you are looking for something unique and different - Dave also offers circus workshops where more details can be found here

Perfect for...

Private Parties

Personal lessons for you and your friends.

Magic Parties

Teach your next magician

School Fun Days

Lots of fun for your fun days

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