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Magical Mayhem is an interactive magic and science show that answers real questions that children have asked (and a few more fun ones too!) Like how do rockets work? Can you lie down on a nail without it hurting? And can you make a cheetah fly? It’s entertainment for the whole family as Magic Dave and his friend Charlie the Cheetah explore these questions and more with lots of fun and chaos mixed in too!

Using their unique brand of silliness and controlled chaos you and your little ones will learn some amazing facts, help with some crazy tricks and most importantly, see how much mess can be made on stage in a show!

Magic Dave is a family entertainer who has performed his fun magic shows across the country as well as for the BBC and for thousands of families also. 

Charlie is a Cheetah. He won’t tell us anything else, except he likes annoying Dave, oh and he likes burgers.

Upcoming Shows

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