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Workshops and Assemblies

Magic Dave's unique presentations and lessons are designed with one thing in mind. To teach subjects in a fun and engaging way. Each one of our presentations combines a mixture of educational, psychological and magical principles to teach subjects in new and entertaining ways - making learning fun! ​Below are some brief descriptions of a few of the presentations that we currently offer, but we are always developing more.


If you are looking for inspiration or a lesson on a certain subject then get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Don't forget you can always download a copy of our Assemblies and Workshop pack here


KS1 Science - Introduction to Experiments/Forces

One of our favourite lessons to do, this introduction to experiments discusses forces and pressure. We start with a dramatic (and completely safe) stunt. One of our instructors lies on a bed of nails and we discuss how this is possible - it's all done by changing the pressure! We then demonstrate to the students what pressure is in relation to forces with some great examples including a giant 6ft balloon, mini rockets and Air-Zookas to demonstrate how forces can be used to do amazing things through high and low pressure.

To finish off this lesson we do a big demonstration where we play with pressure to do the impossible - make a table float using air pressure.

This lesson is exciting and completely safe and every effort is taken to ensure your children will learn a lot, and stay safe!

KS3/4 Online Safety

A tough subject to teach in a fun and engaging way, our experienced instructors have developed an in-depth presentation to cover this tough topic.

This presentation starts by asking the students how safe they think they are online. One student is brought to the stage where they are asked to take out their own mobile phone, go to google and secretly search for an image. After a few seconds and standing nowhere near the student, our presenter says exactly what the student searched for, much to the students disbelief. We continue on looking at how this is done in the real world, demonstrating terms like phishing by using magical skills like cold reading to pretend we know more than we do, or that we are someone we are not.

This lesson is then finished with a demonstration of how fast information spreads on the internet. This lesson is lots of fun and will leave your students with a lasting impression about keeping their information safe on the internet.

Psychology - Memory

Is your memory perfect? Do we really remember everything exactly as it happened or can we be convinced that actually what we remember never actually happened? In this lesson we look at how memory can be manipulated, using psychological misdirection and forces. After this we then look into how we can improve memory, using stunts and tricks used by professional entertainers to remember strings of names/objects as they are written down as well as showing off memorisation skills of books - all done in a fun and entertaining way.

Bespoke Lessons

In the last few paragraphs, we've outlined a few of the lessons that we do in the hope you can see how fun, exciting and educational they are. We are always developing more lessons and are happy to work with you and your staff to develop a lesson on any subject you require. From Road Safety to chemical reactions, mental health and peer pressure to history - the options are unlimited.

For more information on what we can offer, please do get in touch on the form below.


Do you teach GCSE Drama? Or are you looking for fun ways to encourage physical education? Our workshops are designed to teach a variety of subjects in a fun and engaging way. Using our expertise in each area we can teach your students how to do amazing things they never thought they'd be taught. ​ The workshops we can provide are below:


Magic workshops are a fun and dynamic way to teach your children skills such as dexterity, teamwork, creativity and presentation skills. Our workshops are run by professional magicians and designed for different difficulty levels so that we have workshops for primary, secondary and tertiary level students.

These workshops can work on a standalone basis or for the added extra treat we can provide a fun pack of materials, fun bits and illusions to give your students an extra surprise.

For advanced students (including BTEC Production Arts/Special Effects module students) we have created a series of lessons to teach these subjects, teaching your students professional stage illusions as well as demonstrating advanced technical skills for the stage)

Special Effects

Do you teach BTEC Production Arts? Or are you looking to enhance your students GCSE pieces? Magic4Schools can provide experienced theatre and special effects designers to teach lessons on a variety of subjects including prop replication, mold making, breakaway objects, pyrotechnics, lighting and sound design and more. From replicating your own hand to creating realistic-looking wounds our Special Effects workshops are designed to teach your students in a hands-on, practical way.

Our trained theatre staff have a wealth of experience in this area and can teach these subjects in safe and interesting ways.

Circus Skills

One of the most unique ways to teach co-ordination skills and physical education, these circus workshops are full of fun and laughter as your students will be taught skills from juggling, stilt walking, unicycling and more. Featuring real performers we provide all the equipment needed and tailor it to your individual student needs to engage them in age appropriate ways.

Theatre Skills

Do you teach GCSE drama? Do you have students on the technical option and are looking for ways to improve their technical knowledge. As a former Stage Manager and Theatre Technician, we are available for workshops with your students, teaching various theatrical disciplines such as lighting, sound and stage design to teach these complex theatrical principles in easy to digest workshops. Perfect as an introduction to year 10 students or as advice for year 11 students these workshops can be tailored to your specific school needs.

These workshops can be expanded into multiple sessions where our technicians can teach your GCSE students in small group/ 1 to 1 sessions on their specific GCSE pieces to help them achieve the best grades possible.

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