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Magic Dave is excited to bring a very special version of his live Science and Magic show to schools across the country! In this show, Magic Dave uses fun science and magic to answer real questions that children have. Like how do rockets work, or can you stand on something sharp without it hurting? And can Cheetahs fly? This exciting stage show tailored for schools demonstrates the key scientific principles of experimentation along with some fun physics knowledge that will inspire your students to investigate and explore the world around them in new and fun ways

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Show Info

This show lasts approximately one hour and can be performed in most school halls. We provide a full set, PA and projector which is adaptable depending on the size of your hall.

This show tours with 1 performer and 1 member of crew

There are no limits to student numbers during these performances.

Study packs are available upon request with experiments that children can work on at school or home. This show can also be combined with class workshops (details available on the links above)

This show is suitable for children in Primary School

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