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Magic Shows & Parties!

If you are looking for a normal children's party than you've come to the wrong place...

If however, you are looking for an exciting, fun-filled birthday party full of games, amazing magic tricks, crazy characters and so much more then Magic Dave offers the perfect party packages for you. All our magic packages are suitable for ages 4-11 and can be tailored to a specific age if requested

If you need any help with your party or are looking for venues for your party you can contact Dave or take a look at venues here

Please note: All prices quoted are dependent on the location/date selected. For an exact quote please contact Dave on the form below


Our Packages

Join Magic Dave for an epic showtime as he brings you 50 minutes of fun, silliness and great magic. Joined by Charlie the Cheetah, this fun show is the perfect addition to your party! It's controlled chaos as Dave presents spellbinding magic with great humour for the whole family!


This Package Includes:

- A 50 minute Magic Show tailored to the age of the children,

- A prize for the birthday child

- No limits on audience size

- Preshow Music Included

- Free Party Invites**

Magic Show Only

This package is perfect for someone looking for the full entertainment option. This package combines the 50 minute magic show with a short food break, followed by load of party games and dances that will keep your family entertained throughout the entire party!



This Package Includes

- A 50 minute Magic Show

- Prize for the Birthday Child

- Party Games

- Party Dances

- Music throughout the party*

- No Limits on audience size

- Free Party Invites**

2 Hour Party Package

This package is the complete party entertainment package! Not only do you get the amazing magic show, party games and dances, but in this 2 hour package of fun we also bring along disco lights, bubble and snow machines (venue dependant). Not only that each guest will get a balloon animal party favour to take home with them too!

This Package Includes:

- A 50 minute Magic Show

- Prize for the Birthday Child

-Party Games

-Party Dances

- Music Throughout the party*

- Disco Lights

- No limits on audience size

- Free Party invites**

- A balloon animal party favour for each child***

Platinum Party Package

*      Music to be played before and after the booking to a reasonable time (i.e. 20 min before and after the booking)

**    35 Party Invites sent as standard - for more please inform us ASAP

***  35 balloons as standard - any additional balloons to be charged at an additional cost

All quoted prices do not include travel costs - for an exact quote please get in touch

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