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5 great post lockdown party ideas!

For over 6 months the whole world has come to a standstill. Shops closed temporarily, parks were locked down and the whole world came to a standstill. This of course included birthday parties. Unfortunately for the last 6 months, children haven't been able to have the parties that they have come to expect, but there is some good news - parties are coming back. Parents are starting to look at what they can do for their little ones again, in fact, it's something that I'm looking into for my children's birthdays next month, so I thought I'd let you know the 5 best ideas I've had to celebrate birthdays that still follow social distancing guidelines.

1 - Magic Shows

One of the biggest issues that parents face when planning a party recently is how on earth can you expect 20 6-year-olds to stay socially distanced from each other at a party? On the face of it, it seems impossible to get 6-year-olds to sit down, but there are are a group of entertainers who have experience in this - magicians. Booking a magician for your birthday party has numerous benefits. Firstly it's great entertainment for everyone, boys, girls, parents, grandparents - they all enjoy watching these shows which will keep kids glued to their seats. This also gives the added benefit that the audience can sit, and will usually stay in their bubbles during the performance/party allowing you to appease any venue you may want to book that you aren't breaching guidelines. Most magicians like myself have been taking current guidelines into consideration and made specific shows that appease venues and still keep entertainment at the highest quality.

There is also another added benefit to this as magic shows can be done inside or outside, so if you have an open-air venue such as a park or private garden, more people can be invited and there is space to isolate too. My magic show is designed to be operated outside - in most conditions without power, so whatever the venue magic is still an option, from a garden to a park the options are endless!

(Garden Party Pre-Covid)

If you are interested in booking a magic show for your child's birthday then get in touch and I'll be more than happy to help you in the right direction!

2 - Online Shows

Even though groups can start to meet up outdoors, there is still a lot of hesitancy when people go out. Some people are still shielding and people may not want to meet up - so how can you celebrate your child's birthday in this situation. One very popular option is online parties - where a show can be done online for children to tune in and watch, usually over software like Zoom. There could be an unlimited number of guests so that you could invite the whole class and still have room for more. There's no need to worry about social distancing, and magicians like myself have created shows that revolve around zoom and are interactive and fun, without people having to worry about meeting up! While they don't match a party in real life, they are a good option to appease everyone.

There is also the other benefit that for entertainers, the costs are lower to do these shows so we can pass the discounts onto you - zoom shows are usually priced significantly cheaper then live shows so can be a good option for those on a budget.

(A screenshot from one of my online bedtime stories - everyone seems to enjoy live shows!)

3 - Picnic in the Park!

If you are looking for an option that is incredibly cheap and easy to organise then getting a few family and friends to meet at the park, set up a gazebo or a few blankets and you've got a socially distanced party. The children can play in the sun and the grown-ups can relax. Obviously this is weather dependant, but it can be done at short notice, so if the weather is bad it's easy to rearrange. It's also possible to combine parties like this with live entertainment, like hiring a magician to entertain while you eat!

4 - Soft Play/Play areas

It is worth mentioning now that venues such as soft play have started to open up again that parties are available in some venues. This may be limited in numbers/rules about bubbles etc, but it's worth noting that this could be an option, even if it is very last minute. One of the big things to mention is that venues will have to abide by COVID rules and they may not be doing private bookings/may be restrictions on what you can and can't do, so while this is a good option it may not be available yet.

5 - Camping!

One of the fun ideas that I've had with my children is camping out in the garden. It's a special little treat that kids find amazing, but it's really simple. You don't need a super expensive tent, just a few blankets and a cheap tent. (I've even heard of people using trampolines as a tent, but I've not tried it myself) Kids love doing something unique and different and going camping in the garden is a great way to do something unique they will remember. If you don't have a garden or don't like the outdoors then you can camp in your lounge - make your own little den for everyone to sleep in and the kids will think its an exciting adventure (where you don't have to leave your house and can have netflix!) A few chairs and blankets and it'll create a night your kids will talk about for weeks to come


So I hope this little post helps you decide what to do for your little ones birthday. If you are looking for great magic shows then take a look at my website or drop me a question in the chat below!

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