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Can you book a a birthday party at McDonalds?

Through my job I get to perform at lots of venues across the country. From peoples flats to large theatres I get to entertain in lots of different situations. And when I can I try to take posts of some of the interesting venues I work in. So when I posted this picture...

I wasn't expecting as big a reaction as I got. Yup that's me, getting ready to do a magic show in a McDonalds in Islington. The reaction I got was epic. I had so many people messaging me asking me do McDonalds really still do birthday parties? Where was this McDonalds? How do you book them? And so, I set out on a quest to find out as much information as I could to answer all these questions.


So the big question. Can you book a party at McDonalds? The simple answer is Yes, but it's not quite as simple as that. There's a few reasons for this and not all venues do parties - you'll need to speak with the manager at your local McDonalds and ask them if they do parties/hires. But in the majority of stores that do parties, they are a lot different to what you may remember...

For nearly a decade McDonalds have been revamping their restaurants to give them a high class feel. Gone are the special children's areas we all remember with the fun tables and murals of Ronald McDonald and Grimace on the wall. They've moved away from the cafeteria look into a restaurant feel and as part of that the kids areas are a thing of the past. Which means now a lot of restaurants don't have a separate party area so can't offer parties.

But if you speak with the manager of your local McDonalds they may have a secondary space that could be used for parties. For example in Islington you could book the second floor as a party space, or some have a few larger tables. Like with all things this is something that is done on an individual basis so you'd need to speak with the manager to discuss what options they have.

As McDonalds don't do as many parties anymore most venues now operate essentially as a venue hire only. They don't normally provide any entertainment or separate staff for your event. Instead for most venues I've spoken with you would essentially be asked to order (or pre-order) your food the same way the customers do and collect at a certain time in the party.

And with that in mind, from what I've been able to find out most venues don't always offer the old party favours or treats like they used to. When questioned none of the venues I spoke with provide the balloons on a stick that they used to as party favours (although some do seem to still have them available generally, so it may be worth asking about it!) nor do they have any of the special treats they used to let the birthday child do, like having a tour of the kitchen... or making their own ice cream etc. It's fair enough, times have changed since the 90's when it was acceptable to let young children into a busy restaurant kitchen with large vats of hot oil... but if you do book a party there be prepared that it's not quite the same as when we were all kids.

However as a positive though, the venues that I spoke with are usually willing to let you bring in your own music and entertainment providing there is space. So you can always book an awesome entertainer like myself to entertain your little ones at your next McDonalds party!

Would you book a party at McDonalds?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe... If they bring back the tours of the kitchen

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